Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Becoming 'the norm?'

The day is going so gloriously!  The rising sun gave us a performance that is not quickly forgotten!  We get what we need to start our day, and then we click the TV on...

Folks gather into masses
with statements crying "Calm..."
Each time of late however,
there is one more to embalm.
The bigger to become a group,
the more oppression grows...
the more on edge officials get...
our history, it shows.

Why though, does it take a death
to enact a change?!
Why must it take such violence,
our mores, to rearrange?
Each of us be, more or less, 
than another one;
yet, the anger grows with every
kind of deed that's done!!

"Even so, come quickly..." be
the cry unto our Lord!
For only as we live HIS ways
can peace on earth afford!
And only as I rid MYSELF
of 'pre-conceived traditions'
can I live freely in your midst
without inhibitions!

Yes, the headlines...the breaking news...the internet all inform us of the wickedness that continues to make inroads into our daily lives!  GOD HELP US!  For it is only as we turn to Him and enthrone Him in our hearts that such as this is going to change!

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