Saturday, April 17, 2021


 As I look out across creation this afternoon, I praise God for the ability and PRIVILEGE of working yet one more day.  Though it be an opportunity denied to many, my heart still cries out

"Even so, come quickly, Lord,
with Paradise avowed!
That land so very glorious
just there beyond the cloud!
We yearn, we long, desire for such
to be reality
just like You said it would, Lord, when
You come for such as we!
Oh Lord, we finish out the tasks
that each day are assigned
We do the best we can, Lord, having
YOUR glory in mind!
We know we shall be compensated
rightly as we're here,
BUT GOD, may YOU be glorified
with praises that endear!

Yea, Lord, press on we in positions
that You have arranged.
All the while, we keep in mind
when all of this be changed
and we be in Your Presence, 
praising YOU in works and ways
that will be everlasting--bringing
unto YOU all praise!"

Yes, another work day has come to end.  We did our best.  Some of us went above and beyond...but we are merely doing what is expected of us, as GOD is our true employer, not that company...that person... that corporation!


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