Friday, April 30, 2021

Glory of the First

Ahhh...the glory of the first of day!  May you not be in such a RUSH to get through it that you miss the glorious touches God has placed upon it!

Morning comes so silently
and peeks above the range...
season comes so silently
with many a-subtle change...
for in the early, in the stillness
be almost no strife,
but activities ablaze about--
for such is country life!

The stillness, it is broken as
the doves arrive about.
They bring their sweet and subtle song,
it's echoing throughout;
the animals of overnight
begin to disappear.
So fortunate be those who rose
while we could see the deer!

And Jesus comes to visit in
the quiet and the calm.
We talk awhile, even though
He holds me in His palm.
Already day is ordered, but
He wants to hear from me;
and He gives so brief a glimpse of that
which will be certainly.

Morning of a day that will
contain variety.
God comes to makes sure that I am
prepared accordingly.
In doing so, He shares some wonders
that none other can!
o blessed and highly favored is
this humble, wealthy man!

Yes, WEALTHY be any and all that can rise and discern His Presence and His touch so early.  What a valuable time of day!  Don't waste it fretting over what may or may not be, leave that to God.  For He IS in control!

Thursday, April 29, 2021

But I can do SOMETHING!

A brand new day begun. A brand new day completed. Accomplished be a task that reminded this man, once again, that I'm not all I used to be! When my body starts reminding me I am no longer young, I walk outside amongst the stars that He so smartly hung. I think about the Evening Star with all the stars so bright-- regardless of the age of them, they yet emit their light! When my body starts reminding me I can't do all I could, I stop and look back on it all and realize LIFE IS GOOD! For there is much I yet can do that other folks may not; and grateful even more I be for all that I have got! Yea, when my body starts to drop those hints 'I'm not all I once was,' more grateful does this man become for everything God does! He compensates, and even more, His blessings so abound! And no matter how my body feels, in Christ, relief is found! As day after day goes by, so does life. So live it to the fullest for as long as you can! And after that, do all that you are capable of doing! For even a simple phone call to someone on your heart can make a difference. 9356

Monday, April 26, 2021

Before it all Begins

I rise, get my coffee, and join my Father once again out on the deck.  Look out over the hills and valleys, so bursting with sound and color!  Yes, Spring has sprung!

As the fog begins to lift,
sprngtime to reveal!
The glorious spectrum coms to light
that winter would conceal.
And, absolute evidence of season,
one finally can 'feel'
as the temp drop overnight
was so subtle, so unreal!

Life seems to stop as God comes by
for daily visitation.
He does so for each person who
has personal relation!
The more we talk, the panorama
is further to expand,
as if He pulls the curtains back
with His mighty hand!

His blessed visit clears the head,
decluttering the mind,
making 'sense' and 'understanding'
easier to find!
Alone with Him, His wondrous Presence,
oh so full and free!
Nothing to distract from His
intense immensity! 

This precious, sacred time so early to start the day.  There be no better way!  The sights, the sounds, the scents of new life as one looks about!  And God, Creator of it all, desiring conversation and communion before we step out into the busyness of business.  WE ARE SO BLESSED!


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Facing Reality

That IS truth, but can you cry that out AT ALL TIMES?  I promise you, there is whole world out there with a mask on because they are going through something that they feel no one has been through before, or wants to hear about...

Do you know the struggles I go through?
They may not be that different from you.
Just make the time it takes to acquaint me.
You may be surprised how similar we be!

That trauma you've been through?  Well, so have I!
At times, I need someone with whom to cry.
No advice...but just a listening ear,
and just the knowledge SOMEBODY can hear!

You've been through THAT?!  Well, I have years ago.
My biggest fear was that somebody would know!
But once I shared it with a trusted FRIEND,
those fear and nightmares slowly came to end.

Yes, I still struggle every now and then.
But Jesus seems to know exactly when,
and He sends someone along to share my need.
If ever there was, He is a FRIEND, indeed!
And so am I.  You have my number there.
You can call anytime, anywhere.
I may not have just what you need to hear,
but know ye this, you'll have a captive ear!

Too often, we find 'friends' who only want to be there when everything is great and only want to hear the 'good' things.  But listen, there is more to life than 'good' things!  And we ALL need each other AT ALL with it!


Friday, April 23, 2021


"Of Biblical proportion..."  
All my life, I have heard that term applied to things that were yet to happen.  Well, here we are witnessing some of those things with our very eyes.  Will it affect YOUR beliefs in any way?

"O bring relief unto us, Father,
from this wretched scourge!
This "virus" that has killed, oh Lord,
we pray that You would purge!
It's changed our very scope of life
in ways we could not know;
and even now, these years ahead,
to You alone we go!
To You alone, because You have
the answer to it all.
Even the most learned doctors
have come to a crawl!
To You alone because The Blood
has NEVER lost its power!
For even them that cursed You, they
cry out to You this hour!

Oh bring relief unto a world
that's seen too much of death.
Relief bring even to Your faithful,
gasping for a breath!
We've failed and we know it,
missed the mark in many ways,
but this we know: You are the ONLY
Answer for the days!

Disaster, hatred and disease-
they plague as You have said.
But Your Word, God, Your Living Word,
sees better days ahead!
They yet may be afar off, Lord,
but grant us a reprieve;
the plagues and scourges that abound,
Your Truth can so relieve!"

Cry out to God with me folks!  These 'issues' that plague us here in the latter days are ones that no mere MAN can do much about.  BUT GOD CAN!  And HE WILL when He sees a contrite heart!


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Just be honest with me!

How often do we say or do things in such a way as to not 'upset the cart?'  That's all well and good, but what if it involves the well-being of someone?  If there is something wrong that's serious, why must some try to avoid informing you or 'sugar-coating' it?

I trusted you to answer me
when I asked from the heart...
I trusted in your skills in whole
and not just in part...
and now that it is over with
and things are not yet done,
you answer vague, and I find out
truth from another one?!

'A man is as good as his word,'
I was told when I was ten.
Though fifty years have passed,
it's still how I gauge men!
You call yourself 'professional'
and charge the fees you do,
but when I need an answer I
cannot talk straight to you?!

Everything will come to light
in sight of every man,
THEN will be revealed the motive
of but EVERY plan!
And what you told me at that moment
for 'convenience' sake,
the very same, your legacy,
it may or may not make.

All too often, I get asked by a 'friend' to go with them or to help them talk to a friend or loved one.  I AM NOBODY!  IF they are a true friend, they will receive you, what you have to say and you can discuss it, settle it, or comfort one another.  Because TRUTH needs no defense!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Greetings, Life!

LOOK!  Up there on those limbs!  New life!  Listen!  Tune out the bustle and hone in on that precious, sweet sound coming from all directions...

The buds upon the branches--
they are promises, you know?
His vow to us new life will be
in just a week or so!
Even though the snow remains
upon those peaks afar,
He places promises about
that LIFE, it is not far!
Just listen to the little birds
in song but on and on!
Their joyous melody persists
though chills may not be gone!
They know He's bringing life anew
in every shape and form;
they sing to me to so remind
that, soon, it will be warm!

Do YOU take time to hear and see
that 'life' will be once more?
Do so!  And your day will be
but all the better for!
His signs--but they are everywhere,
we must but take time out!
His glories, they are wondrous to
the knowing and devout!

'Spring!  O come ye glorious season with all your color and new life!  You are most welcome after the winter that we've been though!  After ANY winter that we go through, God's new life is so refreshing and so welcome!'  
"Thank You for creating the seasons, oh Father!"


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Becoming 'the norm?'

The day is going so gloriously!  The rising sun gave us a performance that is not quickly forgotten!  We get what we need to start our day, and then we click the TV on...

Folks gather into masses
with statements crying "Calm..."
Each time of late however,
there is one more to embalm.
The bigger to become a group,
the more oppression grows...
the more on edge officials get...
our history, it shows.

Why though, does it take a death
to enact a change?!
Why must it take such violence,
our mores, to rearrange?
Each of us be, more or less, 
than another one;
yet, the anger grows with every
kind of deed that's done!!

"Even so, come quickly..." be
the cry unto our Lord!
For only as we live HIS ways
can peace on earth afford!
And only as I rid MYSELF
of 'pre-conceived traditions'
can I live freely in your midst
without inhibitions!

Yes, the headlines...the breaking news...the internet all inform us of the wickedness that continues to make inroads into our daily lives!  GOD HELP US!  For it is only as we turn to Him and enthrone Him in our hearts that such as this is going to change!

Sunday, April 18, 2021


Yes, that Most Valuable Time.  Today, it is found in a brief break as I look out across the valley.  I've come here in between assignments to catch my breath, yet God creates scenes that take my breath away!

Calm for to possess the valley
as you look around.
From this point, each hill and canyon
hasn't got a sound.
The February sun performs
and sets it all aglow,
and the voice of God Most High--
the sweetest song to know!

It is the framework of all that will
be happening today.
He sets the tone for all that is
upon the Narrow Way.
I fill me up with His creation
so I may dispense
the calm and quietude so that
this world may be less tense!

Yea, behold the valley glorious,
and His grand creation!
Applaud His Majesty alone
for His constant creation!
And rush ye not the moment, for
the rush will come too soon!
Savor this most blessed moment
have we to commune.

Peace, quiet and stillness...for the moment.  The busyness is all about us, we just haven't entered into it yet.  We don't have to right now.  For He created this time and place to gather ourselves before such.  He thinks of everything!


Saturday, April 17, 2021


 As I look out across creation this afternoon, I praise God for the ability and PRIVILEGE of working yet one more day.  Though it be an opportunity denied to many, my heart still cries out

"Even so, come quickly, Lord,
with Paradise avowed!
That land so very glorious
just there beyond the cloud!
We yearn, we long, desire for such
to be reality
just like You said it would, Lord, when
You come for such as we!
Oh Lord, we finish out the tasks
that each day are assigned
We do the best we can, Lord, having
YOUR glory in mind!
We know we shall be compensated
rightly as we're here,
BUT GOD, may YOU be glorified
with praises that endear!

Yea, Lord, press on we in positions
that You have arranged.
All the while, we keep in mind
when all of this be changed
and we be in Your Presence, 
praising YOU in works and ways
that will be everlasting--bringing
unto YOU all praise!"

Yes, another work day has come to end.  We did our best.  Some of us went above and beyond...but we are merely doing what is expected of us, as GOD is our true employer, not that company...that person... that corporation!


Friday, April 16, 2021

Nothing More!

We got the report from the doctor and, once again, we are at a point where the Blood of Jesus may be all that can help.  But what more need we?!  HIS BLOOD IS SUFFICIENT!

"Oh Lord, my loved one is in pain,
and we've done all we can do.
First, we gathered and laid hands,
lifting them to You.
Knowing and believing that
YOU ARE the Healing One,
and there be naught to match the Blood
of Jesus Christ The Son!

So now, we lift her up to You,
and in You complete.
For You have everything at all,
our every need to meet!
For there is none like You, oh Lord,
no, not any other!
You are The Friend that's closer to us
even than a brother!
And You provide exactly what
is necessary so
that healing and deliverance,
our loved one, she can know!

You are so very good to us,
You Lord, You alone.
Your suffering...Your sacrifice...
Your victory be known!
And Your Blood--that healing fluid
like no other source!
Our loved one do we lift to You--
THE Greatest Healing Force!

We prayed, believed, laid hands on her, now she is in the hands of the doctors.  I have personally seen God work through the hands of a surgeon...even when that surgeon said it may be pointless.  JESUS HAS FINAL SAY, and He has yet to fail!


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tragedy Again

Morning anew.  A fresh new start.  Start with visiting God.  Make a cup of coffee and turn on the news...

A brand new morn.  A tragedy.

The details leave us numb. 
Once again, a dear and precious soul
with value to succumb.
Still reeling from events of late,
once more, death has its way.
It is not right!  It is not fair!
But WHO is going to say?

A pattern has developed,
so ugly and so wrong;
I thought that this was settled
in our past--ago so long?
And even then, the trait should not 
have even been at all!
Tell me, who will take account
and who will take the fall?
For these folks, they are not unlike
the likes of you and I;
and, yet, the color or the race
makes mortality so high!
THIS SHOULD NOT BE!  For each of us
are kin to one another--
'race' and 'hue' are 'labels,'
we are sister, we are brother.

A brand new morn...but will this day
be new in any way?
Too many individuals
are set in their own way!
Tradition, prejudice and pride
all rear their ugly head
and, due to such, another precious
soul has wound up dead.

"Oh God, please grant to us a BRAND NEW DAY, a day without hatred or conflict.  A day without prejudice or pride.  For it seems as if we are imploding, Lord, and YOU are THE ONLY WAY OUT!  Please grant us peace and hope as we interact with each other today.
In JESUS' Name,

Monday, April 12, 2021

Spring's Soundtrack!

Oh, how beautiful the song of Spring is!  Just listen...

The song of Spring awakens me
with tones so sweet and bright.
I rise to seek its source and I
am greeted by The Light!
Blossoms opened everywhere
that were not there last night;
and I am captured by His Highness
as I see the sight!
Daffodils are blooming on
that hillside over there...
roses that are opening
precious essence freely share!
The tulip trees that Alice has
awake and stretch and yawn...
and, already, I can hear and smell
somebody mowing lawn!

The song of Spring--a symphony
with too many to count!
But I praise my Almighty God,
for He knows the amount!
New challenges...
presents He each new day,
and promises to never leave us
all along the way!

Ahh...the melody I've come to know as "Spring."
It cannot be compared to anything!
For all day long He's making it anew!
Oh slow down and taste the smell...the sound...the view!

Yes, the glory of Springtime.  Everyday anew!  So numberless the hues arriving at different intervals...all in HIS order, all in melodious harmony!
"Thank You, Father God, for creating the seasons!"


Friday, April 9, 2021

What is 'Prayer?'

Aaahh...sweet hour of prayer.  Priceless!  But did I spend more time 'praying.' or did I actually 'communicate' with God?  Jesus & I both know that answer and, yes, there is a world of difference!  One merely makes me feel better, the other actually accomplishes things!

"In fellowship with You.
Mere words, they just won't do!
Our time, it MUST be more
than what I'm 'needy' for!
I know You deeply care,
and have all things to share,
BUT GOD, what would YOU say
to me upon this day?
I MUST take time time to 'hear'
if life is to be clear.
And I clearly know Your voice,
therefore, it is a choice
to pause and listen close,
and not just be 'verbose!'
For prayer is not a 'monologue,'
it is a 'dialogue'
that calms, instructs and heals!
Oh so much it reveals
when 'time' is invested,
and I'm caused to be rested!
The HEART to then receive
From You Whom I believe!"

Yes, too busy we become too often, opting to merely submit to God our 'shopping list' to get it out of the way and get on with the day.  BUT GOD HAS MORE!  Do YOU have the time?


Thursday, April 8, 2021

Greater Happenings

In realms that mortal can fathom not, there is a celebration going on!  In a place that is immune from time, angelic beings are in constant adoration of His Majesty!  We can do the same here, too!

All the elders, people, all
that occupy That Place,
they all bow down in unison
to Jesus--King of Grace!
"HOLY!  HOLY!" is their song
that hasn't got an end!
And WE will join that glory throng
as soon as we ascend!

But we can join them NOW in worship
anywhere at all!
For we are yet victorious
as answer we His Call!
Jesus--Son of God Most High--
unending joy affords
to all that crown Him King of Kings,
and call Him "Lord of Lords!"

Of a truth, the time will come
when EVERY knee will bend.
Oh, do so now with willingness
while Jesus Christ be 'Friend!'
Don't wait until that Judgment Day
when such be done by force.
For in that awful hour not
a man will have recourse!

O but right now, as that glory song
throughout the heavens rings,
my friend, please make sure that YOUR heart
is one of those that sings!
That song--it is life-changing as
you give to Him your heart!
From your side, the God of living
NEVER shall depart!

No matter what trial, tribulation or hell is waiting in the distance, Jesus Christ alive inside of you will get you through it unscathed!  Trust Him with your heart today!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Morning Show

Middle of the morning.  Slowly sipping coffee once again out on the deck.  This time, however, God is providing entertainment... 

the day--it is awhirl!
Normally, it would be me,
but, this time, it's a squirrel!
In the trees and on the ground
he scurries all about
gathering up all he can
lest he should go without!

O savor such simplicity
each opportune you get!
Too many are the deadlines and 
requirements to be met!
But not today!  The list is done
and I'm blessed with this sight
as I relax out on the deck
with nature to delight!

'O slow down, time, allow this man
enjoy the moments here.
So very much is happening
that I hold very dear.
Take it in as slowly as I can
will I on this day,
and love the joy of His creation
before it goes away!'

The simplicity of His little creations, scurrying about the property and throughout the trees.  They must know of the thunderstorm that's coming this evening!  I doubt if they're aware that they are providing morning entertainment to the fortunate few who take time to enjoy.  God is so good!


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

His Performance!

Done with the duties of the day...once again.  And, faithfully, God meets me wherever I am to help me relax and dazzle me with His great creation...

Beholding yet again the wondrous wonder!
Said term to differ unto every eye!
Today for to include the distant thunder,
billowing so in the southern sky!
Not only does such glory seize attention,
it reminds that later on will not be dry.
As I study it, I pay attention
unto The Greater God beyond the sky!
Such, however, is not the only topic,
(as great relationship have such as we,)
there is no topic 'tween us that's forbidden--
I love to hear from Him and He from me!
For I am blest with open conversation
With Him Who is Creator of all things!
We talk, converse and visit with such freedom--
with or without words or, sometimes, sonnet rings!

And song develops as I watch the weather
in the whisper of the afternoon!
As I see and hear His great creation,
deep, so deep, there generates a tune!
A song that is yet even when NO sights are--
for it is God Most High inspiring such!
Whatever would be in the scope of vision,
it's created or enhanced by His great touch!

Yes, again, singing with God in the afternoon!  What a way to unwind from the day!  He graces with His Presence as He creates wondrous vistas to capture the vision!  He is so good to me!


Monday, April 5, 2021

New Life Availed!

Monday morning.  Here we go again with another week?  NO!  Yesterday the whole world changed!  And now, it's time for YOU to decide to change with it!  Please don't let Jesus be overlooked by YOUR heart!

The curse is finally broken!
Once and forever, God Most High,
FINALITY has spoken!
Death, Hell and the grave have lost
the power that they held
by Jesus rising from the dead--
the final curse is felled!

Oh, hear the celebrations through
the heavenlies this day!
Hear the celebrations for
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Hear the shouts and sonnets from
the ones that, here, belong!
A resurrection symphony
from voices glad and strong!!

Yes, it's empty!  It's over!
For death has been defeated!
Jesus came for one and all
and never once retreated!
Accomplishing what not another
mortal e'er could face!
So God the Father sacrificed,
providing all men grace!

Yes, it's over...but has it begun
inside the heart of YOU?
For 'Easter' ended not, my friend,
it waits to make YOU new!
O give your heart to Christ today!
Be truly "born again!'
A transformation like no other,
in YOU, will begin!!

Yes, 'Easter' is for everyone!  It is an opportunity afforded nowhere else BY no one else: new life through Jesus Christ!!  Let it not be an opportunity that you pass up!


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Miracle Morning

Yes, after the week that was, after the deception, betrayal, torture and abandonment, God Most High has the final word, and JESUS IS ALIVE!

Out of ugliness and agony,
disappointment and the pain,
a morning like no other comes
to be life's greatest gain!!
After the garden...after the trial...
the beating and the grave,
He gives Himself to one and all,
our very souls to save!!

The only way around the darkness
is to go straight through!
And Him Who is Light in Himself,
He makes ALL things anew!
Illuminating our each day
until breath disappears,
then He'll escort us to a place
where absent be all tears!
For THIS world has He overcome
and offers up His life,
KNOWING He's the Victor over
pain and grief and strife!

For we are an 'Easter' people!
"HALLELUJAH!" be our song!
For we are 'in' this world, but to
another we belong!
A world we shall attend one day
but, 'til then' we shall serve;
from the Straight and Narrow we
shall never, ever swerve!

God is so good!  JESUS IS ALIVE!  He has conquered death, Hell, the grave and everything else that this life could ever throw at us!  As we enthrone Him in our hearts, we are enabled to face anything that is in the days that are and in the days to come!


Saturday, April 3, 2021

In Between

The days and moments 'in between.'  Sure, WE have The Word of God alive in our hands so we know what it was like, but what about the friends and loved ones Jesus had back then?  What did they think?  How did they feel?

How do you go on when "hope"
is all that you can clasp?
Can one progress when all that's happened
one can barely grasp?!
"He raised up others from the dead,
Himself He can't protect?!"
I'm sure that thoughts as these abounded
as I retrospect!

The time between that wretched Cross
and empty sepulcher--
Confusion...anger...pain and wonder--
such times they surely were!
For Sunday morning wasn't yet,
and all they had was a word;
for who could have imagined what
great miracle be occurred?!
Some had ideas, as a guard
was posted at the tomb!
Imagine, in the prior hours,
the pain...the grief...the gloom!
But Sunday morning's just ahead
and all of that would change!
A joyous scheme that only
God the Father could arrange!

Don't give up.  Don't ever give up!!  No matter how hopeless the situation appears, regardless how painful the past has been, JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!  The Everlasting Joy that nothing of this life can affect!

Friday, April 2, 2021

"Good" Friday?

In a lot of ways, we look back into our history and wonder 'what was so GOOD about it?'  At least for Jesus!!

Somewhere out in the wilderness,
conscious, still, somehow...
enduring all the suffering,
fulfilling the ages' vow...
the Epitome of Love hangs there
upon a wooden cross--
in the eyes of earthly man
it would appear such loss!
But in the eyes of eternity
it is the highest gain!
Though it involved the highest toll
of suffering and pain,
Jesus Christ--the Son of God--
yet, the 'easy' way availed Him,
for US He refused!
Even those so few around Him
ridiculed His feat,
but little did they know that this
would make their lives complete!
And who could see that VICTORY 
was only days ahead?
The Father knew, but had restraint
as Christ hung there and bled.
Hanging there--so you and I 
would have abundant life.
No 'earthly' man could have withstood
such torture, grief and strife!
But God Himself became That Man
and came as Christ the Son
that, once and for forever, it
could be said "IT IS DONE!"

Yes, He hung there for every man for all of time for as long as it took to complete the work--the work that no other 'man' could complete.  How fortunate and blessed are we to have Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior!