Thursday, March 25, 2021

Unshakeable Jesus!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...what a wonder He is!  Regardless what is going on in this life, He is The Providing Rock which cannot be shaken for any and all to cling to!

The Lord, He is my Everything,
mine only all-in-all!
So grateful I, those years ago,
responded to His Call!
He gives me what I need each day,
and then He gives me more!
He even sees unto my 'wants,'
(depending what they're for!)

But the Lord, for He IS everything
to anyone that calls!
Any reaching out to Him
whose selfish will so falls!
It doesn't matter who you are,
your title or your state,
for He will meet you where you are,
new life to celebrate!!

Yes, Jesus Christ The Lord, for He
is all and everything!
Regardless what life holds, He gives you
cause to up and sing!!
Know Him as your Savior and
you'll know what it's about!
Give to Him your very heart,
you'll NEVER go without!!

You'll never go without!  That is a promise directly from The Word of God, fulfilled by Jesus, and carried out by Holy Spirit!  Don't let anyTHING in this life embezzle you out of such wondrous truths!


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