Friday, March 26, 2021

This Day and Age

Yes, unfortunately, this day and age.  Integrity is not what it used to be.  Daddy taught me that a handshake was as good as a 'contract.'  'A man's word is as good as his bond.'  Which, back then, it was!  My, my, my, how times have changed.  For the better?!

I took you at your word, my friend;
a handshake and a smile.
The agreement that we had 
was supposed to last awhile.
We signed the contract for the job,
I even wrote the check;
and, now that you are nowhere near,
the job--it is a wreck!

What happened to 'integrity?'
Where have 'ethics' gone?
No longer any value in
'My word can you go on?'
You say 'Get an attorney?'  I thought
that 'brothers' did not such!
Or do I live in a dreamland,
out of mind and out of touch?!

But THIS I know: God Most High,
He knows the state of heart.
And, eventually, will justice be;
recompense will He impart!
So take heed, 'successful businessman,'
the 'just' WILL get their way.
Oh, may you have repented before
will come HIS wretched pay!!

I'm praying for you, man.  I pray that you will make things right while there is yet time.  For God GUARANTEES the day of reckoning will come for them that do others wrong and, truthfully, I do NOT want to see you go through that.  Really!

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