Saturday, March 20, 2021

There is STILL 'Good!'

We have stations...even books being written on how bad life is.  And it is BIG BUSINESS!!  However, there is more 'good' going on in life each day!  Try to find someone to report on THAT!

There is 'good' that's yet abundant
and happening each day.
In spite of what we may hear or see,
God purposes His Way.
Most often, does it take place in
a way we notice not,
until later on it hits us: we were
in that very spot!

The Lord--He works inside the hearts
of them that so allow.
He even uses hearts of them,
the 'unawares,' somehow!
His ways are so above our own
that we can fathom not;
just fortunate we be that we,
a glimpse of such, have got!

Yes, there IS good--in spite of
news...reports...or what you hear!
And, if you focus on it, He
will make it very clear!
And make it so enjoyable
here in the days that are.
Yea, seek the 'good' that He provides,
it's never very far!

Yes, there is good, and it is rampant!  There are some, however, that spend all the precious time God gives them trying to find what's wrong!  DON'T BE LIKE THEM!  Pray for them!  They need the 'good' in the days that are just as much as you do!


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