Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Ready Writer

As this writer approaches the 10,000 mark in messages and articles written, he ponders why The God of all creation chose him to be the one of His writers...

Sentences assembled...
how will they make sense?
Will they describe the scenery
or bring up incidents?
Will they express emotion so
directed to another?
Will they exalt or reprimand
a sister or a brother?

Sentences assembled
by a guided pen.
Directed by a mighty God
to bless all fellow men
with verses meant to edify
and words that will inspire;
inside the ready pen He puts
a never-ending fire!

Just 'sentences assembled?'
But 'messages' for His using!
If not exalting Him, they highlight
His works--so amusing!
So fortunate, the one that holds
the pen that has such skill!
Humble, though, will he remain
to stay inside His will!

A very blessed and fortunate man I am to be able to represent THE MAKER OF ALL THINGS with pen and paper!  A very grateful man, as well, to be read and appreciated by so many around the world!  But let us NEVER forget: IT'S ALL GOD!


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