Friday, March 12, 2021

The Fortunate Few

I have been on this earth for over 60 years.  All my life, I have heard others complain about their jobs and down-talk their employer.  I can't do that.  The company I work for took a chance on me and continues to support me...even though my computer crashes now and then!

While others scrape and scramble doing
all that they can do,
I did what was required and more,
and bid the site 'adieu!'
So wonderful, the satisfaction
as I finally rest
knowing THEY are satisfied
and I have done my best.
So many that I know show up
and 'just put in their time;'
only there for compensation--
so becomes the paradigm!
There is so much more to 'labor' than
some money now and then;
a sense of 'accomplishment' is known
by the most learned men!

If you are doing what you do
to only earn the dime,
then, surely, you are missing much,
and merely biding time!
There is so much more to 'labor' than
a compensating check;
if that's ALL you're receiving, you
need a reality check!

You never know how good you have something until someone or something tells you that you can have it no longer.  The same applies to 'work.'  Years ago, I applied at over 60 places of business before McDonald's saw something in me that others did not.  They took a chance on 'damaged goods,' and the rest is history!  And the 'compensation' I receive each day I am able to work can probably be attained nowhere else.


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