Monday, March 15, 2021

THAT time...whenever!

Ahhh...that's over with.  And now, an opportunity to spend time with my Father, time that escaped me this morning...

Away to north, the sights aglow
as sun begins to fade.
I take it in with joy as I know
that the day is made!
So very much accomplished,
victorious, as well;
all because He led my steps
and what to do and tell!
And now that labor's over for
the day, I look around,
taking in His grand creations--
oh, they so abound!
And He converses with me as
each one of them be found:
the budding forests...singing birds...
and ever-rolling hills--
appreciation of His touch
but all of it instills!
And our conversation in
the middle of it all!
I am so very happy that
I answered to His Call!
He blesses, He encourages
and provides so many sights
in which the heart-pen of this man
so endlessly delights!

Late afternoon.  Relaxing out on the deck.  There is so much to see and hear as I scan the landscape that He created!  So much to look at...and so much to hear as He converses with me about the day.  What a wonderful way to relax!


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