Thursday, March 11, 2021


Sometimes, the day will cause us to cry out those words.  Of course, God will respond to that, but what if that place you are trying to escape from is the very place He wants you to be to learn something?  We must discern the difference, and Holy Spirit enables us to.

In a certain place and doing
all that I can do...
Sometimes, I want to say to God
"Lord, if You only knew...!"
Things go on that shouldn't be...
people treat us wrong...
setbacks and delays occur...
it's right where we belong!

'Wanting to escape where life
can touch us not at all.'
But with an attitude like this,
wherein lies God's call?
We have to be involved in life
whatever it contains
if we are at all going to 
contribute to HIS gains!

Can one say "If You only knew..."
to Him Who knows all things?
Of course, but very little
satisfaction it so brings!
Satisfaction only comes from going 
through it by His side!
For He will see us through this that
His victory may abide!

Each and all of us have these days.  Some of us more often than others.  But there is no limit to His grace, and He responds each time we call on Him. 
You are not alone.
I am not alone.
WE are not alone!
Don't try to be a 'Lone Ranger' in the days that are.  You will surely be overrun by a life that is only looking out for itself!!

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