Tuesday, March 23, 2021


At times, I hear folks talk about how boring and predictable life is.  Hmmm...what are they missing?  I have found life to be anything BUT!

Once again, surprised by life,
a thing no one can plan;
something so unpleasant and
misunderstood by man!
The pain...the cost...the setbacks...
desired by NO one!
But such is part of life if you
are servant to The Son!

AND GOD, He saw this coming, and
will compensate for such.
Regardless of the situation,
perfect be His touch!
He meets us in the need and says
to us "I understand.
This, too, shall pass.  Just cling so tightly
to my guiding hand!
For recompense will come to them
through whom this trial came.
For it is not for you to delve,
just stand firm in My Name!
I know the way through this and
victory will surely be,
because you put your trust in Me
and you belong to Me!"

Life--it is surprising
no matter who you are.
You can either grow from it,
or you can let it scar.
But surprises, they are certain 'til 
we hear The Trumpet Blast!
Press on, press on, as best you can,
making sure your faith is fast!

Yes, life has surprises--good AND bad.  Make the most of each of them as you press on toward the goal that He has set before us.  Trust me, you will be the better for it, and the good far outweighs the bad!

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