Saturday, March 6, 2021


Aaahh....finally done with the day.  (With labors, at least!)  And now, that precious time of reward that He grants unto them that are called 'His Own...'

The comforting, hypnotic sweet sound
of the mourning doves
emanates now from the trees--
a sound this writer loves!
So perfect in the afternoon
my Father to create;
it is the perfect soundtrack as
the acres celebrate!
The budding trees reach out with that
with which He does adorn,
no longer barren from the winter,
and, gone, what fall has shorn;
but full of life and what is living
flying here-and-there:
birds of every kind and squirrels
almost everywhere!

The glory and the beauty of
the sun 'midst hints of Spring!
How many are the forms of life
that, unto Him, would sing?
As many as the wary eye
would make time to take in!
So blessed that 'life' is 'where we are'
and not just 'where we've been!'

Live in the moment.  Attempt to make lasting memories of all the glory that is...and draw from such in times of challenge!  Of a truth, such times will be.  For such is part of HIS perfect balance set in order before was time itself!


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