Wednesday, March 3, 2021


There is so much going on in this life these days!  Each of us has something to do, but do we do it with honesty and integrity, or do we fly through it trying to get as much done as possible...regardless how it looks?

"Because I gave to you my word...
I said I'd get it done...
I signed the contract, but MY WORD--
THAT pact is number one!
I know that, in the days that are,
'my word' doesn't mean too much;
but, ESPECIALLY in the times that are,
the same should not be such!

Integrity--it yet should be
in EVERYTHING we do!
Even with no one else in sight,
the same, it should be true!
So many are the ways this world's
'advanced' up to this day,
but HONOR is yet one thing that
remains one only way!
But it is not embraced by all,
as everybody knows,
therefore, the list of crimes and 
wickedness, it grows and grows!
BUT GOD has yet a handful that
adhere yet to His ways,
and refreshing so it is to meet them
in these latter days!
And doing business with them, it is
such a blessing, too!
Are YOU upon that list of folks
that work with honor due?"

A blessing you are indeed if you are on that list!  Too many are there and too much goes on in this life that folks care nothing about...especially if it regards their fellow man.  God is keeping track of it all, and He ALWAYS provides a way of escape or a way to get something done with integrity.  Keep seeking Him and His way!


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