Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Palm Sunday

The city has been astir this week.  Rumors are running wild about what is going to happen!  Some even say that it is prophecies of old coming to pass!  And now, on Sunday, I see what they are talking about...

O hear the celebrations--
the bands...the noise...the voice!
The Savior riding on a colt--
the masses to rejoice!
As He comes into the city
palm branches lie before;
arrival of such royalty
like never seen before!
He enters in, triumphant over
every other power!
We celebrate before the
preparation of The Hour!
all because of ONE:
Jesus Christ--Life, peace and hope--
God's One Begotten Son!

Be there such celebration as,
in YOU, He so resides?
For everyone inside this life
be required to takes sides!
Will you belong unto The One
with power over all,
or to the one who, from the very
side of God, did fall?

But right now, the joyous entry of
the One Triumphant One!
O join the fest!  Give your own heart
to Jesus Christ, The Son!!
Bend your knee now willingly
and take of His great way,
or be forced to later on
upon that Judgment Day!

Yes, it is a choice that every living person must make.  It is certainly the prayer of this man that you give heart to Him fully and enjoy Him for all time!


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