Sunday, March 21, 2021

Let God Define!

When you or I make a mistake...when we 'miss the mark...' even when we outright sin, the world we live in will attempt to make that define us.  GOD SAYS OTHERWISE!

The world--it has its definition,
its views of one and all.
But Jesus Christ, He redefines
all that would yield His Call!
He heals, He makes whole, He blesses
in ways the world cannot!
That's why He shed His Living Blood
so that we could be bought!

His assurance says to me
'I'm better than any 'thought;'
'I am above 'opinions' and
'shortcomings' that are wrought!'
'I am a seed of Royalty
with Jesus Christ alive;'
therefore, into HIS victory,
but surely I'll arrive!

There is no 'disability...'
there is not any 'shame...'
no thing at all to halt the grace
that's free for us to claim!
For we are of the Most High God,
perfected for His use;
therefore, humanity's 'hindrances,'
we are free to cut loose!!

Oh, what liberating Truth have we as we follow Jesus and adhere to His Word!  Though every other 'force' may attempt to sway us otherwise, His Word stands firm!  And it will for all eternity!  Take of His Word each day and cling to the truths that He has for YOU!


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