Sunday, March 14, 2021


In the day and age we reside in, 'kindness' is so 'unexpected.'  It is, however, one of the easiest and least costly gifts that we can give!  Look about you, will 'kindness' make a difference to anyone YOU know?

Each day is a blessing,
each moment be a gift.
Find a way, somehow, somebody
else's life to lift!
It's far more simple than it sounds,
and it goes so very far;
and God, He will use such to help
establish 'who you are.'
Especially in the days that are,
the times that we are in.
Hope and expectation seem
to wear so very thin.
But life--it is resilient and,
in EVERY man, be 'good!'
What a difference 'life' would be
if, practice such, we would!

So set aside all 'politics'
and 'labels' that divide.
There be no 'partly lines' in Heaven,
or issues that deride!
Omit those harsh emotions that
so constantly entice,
and practice 'good' throughout your day--
it's a present, o so nice!

Yes, the days and times that are certainly be not conducive to kindness, but it is highly sought after and easily distributed.  Think about it!


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