Sunday, March 7, 2021

Keep Us Vigilant!

Comfortable.  At peace.  Life running smoothly.  It's wonderful...but it can also be detrimental to us in some ways.  Because of this, God often causes 'life' to happen in such a way that will cause us to continue to grow.

"Turn the tables, o my Lord,
on all that we have known.
That which we've grown accustomed to
may need be overthrown!
The ways of comfort that we know,
they may not be YOUR ways.
Lord, we avail our hearts to change,
thus garnering Your praise.
Too often, Jesus, do we go
about our daily day
doing all that we can do
in whatsoever way.
BUT LORD, it be more necessary
to be led by You
and serve Yourself and others in
a way that blesses, too!

Yea, turn the tables on ourselves
to glorify You so;
though it may be well against
what we so deeply know!
But THIS we know: we are the better
following YOUR lead.
Jesus, Jesus, unto YOUR ways,
o may we ever heed!"

That same Bible that is in our hands is the same one we open up day after day...  But then, again, it's not!  IT'S ALIVE!  New every morning!  That's why it's "The LIVING Word!"  Take of the Life each time you open His Word...lest we become complacent.

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