Thursday, March 18, 2021

It Is Certain!

There are certain facts and guarantees that were settled before time began.  They yet remain in place, no matter how we may feel OR think...

Victory is certain,
regardless how we 'feel!'
There are assurances from God
that NOTHING may repeal!
This life may have its way with us
within, without and such,
but not a thing that's known to man
will hinder Jesus' touch!

We do as much as we can do,
we give to it our best;
but even then, it may 'appear'
that we have failed the test!
BUT GOD, He is above those feelings,
(though He does relate,)
and He supplies that which we need
to surely celebrate!

Not every day would 'life' appear
so smooth and glorious.
all may get to us!
But undergirding ALL of life
is victory in Christ!
Regardless what arises, He's
already sacrificed!

God has gone through it all before...FOR US!  That is why He assures us that we can go to him with and for ANYTHING!  He knows!  And His complete knowledge of us is what causes that 'peace that passes all...' as we go through this puzzle called "Life!"


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