Friday, March 5, 2021

He uses one and all

What is YOUR availability?  Regardless who you are, God has equipped you with a certain skill to put to use for His glory!  Have YOU discovered that yet?

A ready pencil in the hand
of Him Who is complete
to capture verse that ministers
and makes the man complete!
So many are the needs that are
but everywhere around;
Ah, but in one single One
is all solution found!
For God--He is the Alpha, the
Omega and the Source
of all that life could ever need;
Himself, alone, a Force!
And such as I: available
but for His every cause
with word, with touch, with anything
that garners HIM applause!
So here am I, yet once again
to glorify His Name;
to minister...
but all for HIS acclaim!
These words, for even they are His,
on loan that I might reach;
avail yourself to him 'however'
would I so beseech!

"It is finished."  While, at the same time, God's work is never done.  Each one of us is needed somewhere some time if we avail ourselves.  
Are YOU that open to His use and His moving?


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