Monday, March 22, 2021

God's Great Order

Whether you agree or not, God has set in order the seasons that are.  And, right now, the new life of Spring is in glorious display!  MAKE time to notice it as you go about your day.

Peace--so very visible;
serenity is sight.
After duties of the day
it is a blest delight!
So very many signs of Spring
around and up above;
as for 'proof' of His great hand,
there be yet plenty of!

And peace--it generates in them
that take the time to see;
and The Creator joins them that
invite His Presence be!|
His invitation to this place
be constant, welcome so;
perhaps that's why so many verses
would, so freely, flow!

Yes, flowing peace this afternoon
as Spring starts to invade;
savor that most-precious peace
while watching what He's made!
He'll make another one tomorrow,
but take for granted not
every moment with Creator God
that you have got!

Beautiful signs of spring...everything budding and blooming...all at HIS command!  What a glorious order He has set for us to enjoy!  Don't miss out on it, my friend!


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