Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Fading Day

Day is almost done.  Light is fading, and I am communing with the very Creator of creation!  What a wonderful way to spend a late afternoon!

At the feet of God my Savior,
(and NOT just to 'obtain!')
If I just went to Him in 'need,'
what, then, would be the gain?!
I'm here to worship and adore,
to praise and glorify,
to elevate and raise HIM up,
Himself to glorify!
Doing so amidst the glow
of an ebbing day.
Already are the labors done
that got ME on my way.
A few be left, but they can wait
while I commune with Him,
beholding all that He creates
as the vespers dim.
For everything about this day
has purpose in this life--
everything that it contains,
from glory unto strife.
For He is God, and He is good
as is His every way;
just keep Him out front in this life
as is so lived the day!

In front of me. Just like He is right now as we watch the sun set and discuss life.  There is nothing that I cannot share with Him that He does not already know, so that makes our daily conversations even more free!

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