Monday, March 8, 2021

Days Like These

God is so good!  However, there are days that literally try to 'suck the life' out of us.  God is still good then, and the mercy and grace that He has will see us through even THOSE days...

"'COME QUICKLY!'  Oh, the cry to be
of hearts that know You true!
So weary of the world's ways
and what the wicked do!
I know that we belong to You,
and Your ways are above,
and we are to press on, displaying
mercy, grace and love;
but God, at times, the wear sets in
and we so long for You
to sound the Trumpet that we may
depart to that anew--
that newness that You have prepared
before was ever time;
life to be forever there,
so perfect and so prime!

Ah, Lord God, to contemplate such
after days like these
is so refreshing, so rewarding,
it fills the heart with ease!
And Your Presence with me as
I unwind from the day,
watching signs of Spring and hearing
all You have to say!"

Yes, days like this.  God told us that there would be some, too many at times, but His grace suffices, His mercy girds, and His undying love surrounds us!  Take IT all in, and release to Him that which we cannot control!

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