Sunday, March 28, 2021


Another beautiful Sunday morning.  As I get ready, I look out the window at the landscape.  The mountains afar stand so proudly, and the acres of fruited land wave gently.  Upon those acres, their are many men harvesting that fruit which you and I so enjoy.  God catches my attention and reminds me of their fate...

Sun to drench the spring so very new;
the bounty of creation is in view!
The citrus groves, just down the hills afar--
alive with precious gems each of the are!
And busy so with ladders, trucks and men!
The crop, so precious, soon will it be in.
And those men, I pray for each of them, you know.
Some folks around feel strongly they should go!
But each one has a heart and they have a gift
doing things that most would, not a finger, lift!
They have become, in politics, mere pawns,
but, in the eyes of God, they're precious fawns!
They do work that below others' 'dignity,
while they're reaping but a fraction of their fee!

I wonder, just how many take time to 'know'
who these folks are and through what all they go
just to put some food upon their table?
The things they do--but EVERY man is able!
But their 'labors,' they're thought to be 'below' most,'
and, in the 'politics' of them are most engrossed.
So wealthy I to become a friend to some,
regardless who they are or where they're from;
and fortunate to sample of their fruits!
These men God made that tend to others' 'fruits.

Yea, busy are they in the sun-drenched spring.
I watch them Sunday morning as I sing
and pray for them, their lives and families
that, better days, every one of them, so sees:
safety, sanctuary, prosperity--
basic rights that ALL should know and see!
Empathy for them on this glorious day
as I am with The Truth, The Life, The Way!

So many that I know curse people like these men.  The same are not cursing as they sit at a table filled with the bounty of what they grow and harvest!  Where is YOUR heart when you see them?


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