Monday, March 29, 2021

Blessed in HIM!

So many complaining about life today.  So many unhappy with the way that things are here.  I promise you, there ARE worse places to be right now!  However, there is a better place ahead for all who belong to God!

Someday, some sweet day ahead,
by a Perfect Law will we be led!
There's no dysfunction in that Place
governed only by perfect Grace!
Every person will have a share
of perfect love and perfect care!
And 'Paradise' will there be known
by definition of His Own!

But 'someday soon' is yet to be
as life goes on for such as we.
Imperfect, as He did assure;
but we can do more than 'endure!'
We can 'excel' in spite of all
that, 'round us, constantly, does fall!
For we have Paradise inside
with Jesus Christ to there abide!

Yea, 'someday soon' anticipate,
but savor life which yet be great!
Enjoying all that's from His hand
and, for Him, firmly take a stand!
We have a Promise that is sure!
We can enjoy!  We can endure!
And we can freely so dispense
His grace and love without expense!

Yes, we DO have it good!  We are quite fortunate to be "Americans!"  For there are other parts of the world that do not fare so well.  Pray for them, and NEVER lose sight of how blessed we are in Him!


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