Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Another Daily Day

Morning came and went.  It was glorious!  Now, however, labor and challenges face us.  Where we go from this point determines how our day will end.  Do you know how your going to face the day?

The tasks at hand--they be sufficient
for this precious day.
Whatever they avail, they're not
too great upon the way.
For God knows everything that is
and all that we can do,
and He makes sure it's not too great
for us to make it through.
For whatever part of day you're in,
He so appoints a place
for us to retreat to Him--
WHATEVER we would face!
He knows the ups and downs that are,
He knows the highs and lows,
but He makes sure that, with defeat,
we never come to blows!

Just knowing of His presence and 
awareness of the day
so causes peace to settle in
that we may face the fray.
And even overcome the same--
His victory ensured!
Press on to that appointed you,
and stand upon His Word!

Blessed assurance.  It is more than 'just a song,' it is a daily way of living that produces a brand of victory that comes from God alone!  Rest in His assurance as YOU press on and, somehow, God will be glorified...whatever your day contains!


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