Friday, March 19, 2021

Against the Grain!

That's what kind of life we must live if we are to be victorious...and NOT the kind of 'victory' that this world advocates, the kind that comes from Christ alone!

The issues of the present day--
so constant the events;
occurrences be everywhere
that make the conscience wince!
If that's not bad enough, the airwaves
amplify the same!
Before we know it, that 'minor' thing,
it be a 'major' claim!

But such, it does not have to be--
ONE has the perfect way
to handle EVERY issue that
arises in our day!
And the sooner that we turn to Him,
casting all our care,
that 'minor' issue will remain such,
and we will get somewhere!
For God the Father, able to 
make sense of all and all,
He has us in His loving palm
as we obey His call!
And though 'life' happens and continues
at unstable pace,
victorious shall we remain
due His abundant grace!

Submission.  A word few people want to hear, but it is something that we must do constantly before Him if we want such victory in our lives.  It requires letting go of '!' and heeding to Holy Spirit's voice.
Can WE do that?


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