Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Affecting Others

The busy world gets busier.  Yes, I know that there is a pandemic going on, but that has only slowed down a few folks.  (Granted, this one has affected more than you and I have seen in our lifetime!)  However, for a lot of us, it is 'business as usual' as we go from day to day.
How will YOU be remembered by others at the end of this day?

Personalities and people--

we encounter every day.
None be alike...all be the same--
what parable to convey!
All want the same--but differently,
all need the same--and not;
and by the grace of God alone
the day be rightly wrought.
But so would be HIS great design
as, through this life, we go.
His Own shall be identified
by the fruits we show.
The same, they shall attract the rest
that they may know Him, too!
For all is possible as WE 
do as we're led to do!

Personalities and people--for
they clash but every day.
More often, though, they assist each other
on The Narrow Way.
For I need you...and you need me...
He is the glue between us all,
and the cause that life is for!

Yes, ANYWHERE we go today we are going to interact with people.  Others are going to interact with us.  However, in US so doing, they may also encounter Jesus!  Such is the reason He called ordained and chose especially YOU!

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