Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Fading Day

Day is almost done.  Light is fading, and I am communing with the very Creator of creation!  What a wonderful way to spend a late afternoon!

At the feet of God my Savior,
(and NOT just to 'obtain!')
If I just went to Him in 'need,'
what, then, would be the gain?!
I'm here to worship and adore,
to praise and glorify,
to elevate and raise HIM up,
Himself to glorify!
Doing so amidst the glow
of an ebbing day.
Already are the labors done
that got ME on my way.
A few be left, but they can wait
while I commune with Him,
beholding all that He creates
as the vespers dim.
For everything about this day
has purpose in this life--
everything that it contains,
from glory unto strife.
For He is God, and He is good
as is His every way;
just keep Him out front in this life
as is so lived the day!

In front of me. Just like He is right now as we watch the sun set and discuss life.  There is nothing that I cannot share with Him that He does not already know, so that makes our daily conversations even more free!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Palm Sunday

The city has been astir this week.  Rumors are running wild about what is going to happen!  Some even say that it is prophecies of old coming to pass!  And now, on Sunday, I see what they are talking about...

O hear the celebrations--
the bands...the noise...the voice!
The Savior riding on a colt--
the masses to rejoice!
As He comes into the city
palm branches lie before;
arrival of such royalty
like never seen before!
He enters in, triumphant over
every other power!
We celebrate before the
preparation of The Hour!
all because of ONE:
Jesus Christ--Life, peace and hope--
God's One Begotten Son!

Be there such celebration as,
in YOU, He so resides?
For everyone inside this life
be required to takes sides!
Will you belong unto The One
with power over all,
or to the one who, from the very
side of God, did fall?

But right now, the joyous entry of
the One Triumphant One!
O join the fest!  Give your own heart
to Jesus Christ, The Son!!
Bend your knee now willingly
and take of His great way,
or be forced to later on
upon that Judgment Day!

Yes, it is a choice that every living person must make.  It is certainly the prayer of this man that you give heart to Him fully and enjoy Him for all time!


Monday, March 29, 2021

Blessed in HIM!

So many complaining about life today.  So many unhappy with the way that things are here.  I promise you, there ARE worse places to be right now!  However, there is a better place ahead for all who belong to God!

Someday, some sweet day ahead,
by a Perfect Law will we be led!
There's no dysfunction in that Place
governed only by perfect Grace!
Every person will have a share
of perfect love and perfect care!
And 'Paradise' will there be known
by definition of His Own!

But 'someday soon' is yet to be
as life goes on for such as we.
Imperfect, as He did assure;
but we can do more than 'endure!'
We can 'excel' in spite of all
that, 'round us, constantly, does fall!
For we have Paradise inside
with Jesus Christ to there abide!

Yea, 'someday soon' anticipate,
but savor life which yet be great!
Enjoying all that's from His hand
and, for Him, firmly take a stand!
We have a Promise that is sure!
We can enjoy!  We can endure!
And we can freely so dispense
His grace and love without expense!

Yes, we DO have it good!  We are quite fortunate to be "Americans!"  For there are other parts of the world that do not fare so well.  Pray for them, and NEVER lose sight of how blessed we are in Him!


Sunday, March 28, 2021


Another beautiful Sunday morning.  As I get ready, I look out the window at the landscape.  The mountains afar stand so proudly, and the acres of fruited land wave gently.  Upon those acres, their are many men harvesting that fruit which you and I so enjoy.  God catches my attention and reminds me of their fate...

Sun to drench the spring so very new;
the bounty of creation is in view!
The citrus groves, just down the hills afar--
alive with precious gems each of the are!
And busy so with ladders, trucks and men!
The crop, so precious, soon will it be in.
And those men, I pray for each of them, you know.
Some folks around feel strongly they should go!
But each one has a heart and they have a gift
doing things that most would, not a finger, lift!
They have become, in politics, mere pawns,
but, in the eyes of God, they're precious fawns!
They do work that below others' 'dignity,
while they're reaping but a fraction of their fee!

I wonder, just how many take time to 'know'
who these folks are and through what all they go
just to put some food upon their table?
The things they do--but EVERY man is able!
But their 'labors,' they're thought to be 'below' most,'
and, in the 'politics' of them are most engrossed.
So wealthy I to become a friend to some,
regardless who they are or where they're from;
and fortunate to sample of their fruits!
These men God made that tend to others' 'fruits.

Yea, busy are they in the sun-drenched spring.
I watch them Sunday morning as I sing
and pray for them, their lives and families
that, better days, every one of them, so sees:
safety, sanctuary, prosperity--
basic rights that ALL should know and see!
Empathy for them on this glorious day
as I am with The Truth, The Life, The Way!

So many that I know curse people like these men.  The same are not cursing as they sit at a table filled with the bounty of what they grow and harvest!  Where is YOUR heart when you see them?


Friday, March 26, 2021

This Day and Age

Yes, unfortunately, this day and age.  Integrity is not what it used to be.  Daddy taught me that a handshake was as good as a 'contract.'  'A man's word is as good as his bond.'  Which, back then, it was!  My, my, my, how times have changed.  For the better?!

I took you at your word, my friend;
a handshake and a smile.
The agreement that we had 
was supposed to last awhile.
We signed the contract for the job,
I even wrote the check;
and, now that you are nowhere near,
the job--it is a wreck!

What happened to 'integrity?'
Where have 'ethics' gone?
No longer any value in
'My word can you go on?'
You say 'Get an attorney?'  I thought
that 'brothers' did not such!
Or do I live in a dreamland,
out of mind and out of touch?!

But THIS I know: God Most High,
He knows the state of heart.
And, eventually, will justice be;
recompense will He impart!
So take heed, 'successful businessman,'
the 'just' WILL get their way.
Oh, may you have repented before
will come HIS wretched pay!!

I'm praying for you, man.  I pray that you will make things right while there is yet time.  For God GUARANTEES the day of reckoning will come for them that do others wrong and, truthfully, I do NOT want to see you go through that.  Really!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Unshakeable Jesus!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...what a wonder He is!  Regardless what is going on in this life, He is The Providing Rock which cannot be shaken for any and all to cling to!

The Lord, He is my Everything,
mine only all-in-all!
So grateful I, those years ago,
responded to His Call!
He gives me what I need each day,
and then He gives me more!
He even sees unto my 'wants,'
(depending what they're for!)

But the Lord, for He IS everything
to anyone that calls!
Any reaching out to Him
whose selfish will so falls!
It doesn't matter who you are,
your title or your state,
for He will meet you where you are,
new life to celebrate!!

Yes, Jesus Christ The Lord, for He
is all and everything!
Regardless what life holds, He gives you
cause to up and sing!!
Know Him as your Savior and
you'll know what it's about!
Give to Him your very heart,
you'll NEVER go without!!

You'll never go without!  That is a promise directly from The Word of God, fulfilled by Jesus, and carried out by Holy Spirit!  Don't let anyTHING in this life embezzle you out of such wondrous truths!


Tuesday, March 23, 2021


At times, I hear folks talk about how boring and predictable life is.  Hmmm...what are they missing?  I have found life to be anything BUT!

Once again, surprised by life,
a thing no one can plan;
something so unpleasant and
misunderstood by man!
The pain...the cost...the setbacks...
desired by NO one!
But such is part of life if you
are servant to The Son!

AND GOD, He saw this coming, and
will compensate for such.
Regardless of the situation,
perfect be His touch!
He meets us in the need and says
to us "I understand.
This, too, shall pass.  Just cling so tightly
to my guiding hand!
For recompense will come to them
through whom this trial came.
For it is not for you to delve,
just stand firm in My Name!
I know the way through this and
victory will surely be,
because you put your trust in Me
and you belong to Me!"

Life--it is surprising
no matter who you are.
You can either grow from it,
or you can let it scar.
But surprises, they are certain 'til 
we hear The Trumpet Blast!
Press on, press on, as best you can,
making sure your faith is fast!

Yes, life has surprises--good AND bad.  Make the most of each of them as you press on toward the goal that He has set before us.  Trust me, you will be the better for it, and the good far outweighs the bad!

Monday, March 22, 2021

God's Great Order

Whether you agree or not, God has set in order the seasons that are.  And, right now, the new life of Spring is in glorious display!  MAKE time to notice it as you go about your day.

Peace--so very visible;
serenity is sight.
After duties of the day
it is a blest delight!
So very many signs of Spring
around and up above;
as for 'proof' of His great hand,
there be yet plenty of!

And peace--it generates in them
that take the time to see;
and The Creator joins them that
invite His Presence be!|
His invitation to this place
be constant, welcome so;
perhaps that's why so many verses
would, so freely, flow!

Yes, flowing peace this afternoon
as Spring starts to invade;
savor that most-precious peace
while watching what He's made!
He'll make another one tomorrow,
but take for granted not
every moment with Creator God
that you have got!

Beautiful signs of spring...everything budding and blooming...all at HIS command!  What a glorious order He has set for us to enjoy!  Don't miss out on it, my friend!


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Let God Define!

When you or I make a mistake...when we 'miss the mark...' even when we outright sin, the world we live in will attempt to make that define us.  GOD SAYS OTHERWISE!

The world--it has its definition,
its views of one and all.
But Jesus Christ, He redefines
all that would yield His Call!
He heals, He makes whole, He blesses
in ways the world cannot!
That's why He shed His Living Blood
so that we could be bought!

His assurance says to me
'I'm better than any 'thought;'
'I am above 'opinions' and
'shortcomings' that are wrought!'
'I am a seed of Royalty
with Jesus Christ alive;'
therefore, into HIS victory,
but surely I'll arrive!

There is no 'disability...'
there is not any 'shame...'
no thing at all to halt the grace
that's free for us to claim!
For we are of the Most High God,
perfected for His use;
therefore, humanity's 'hindrances,'
we are free to cut loose!!

Oh, what liberating Truth have we as we follow Jesus and adhere to His Word!  Though every other 'force' may attempt to sway us otherwise, His Word stands firm!  And it will for all eternity!  Take of His Word each day and cling to the truths that He has for YOU!


Saturday, March 20, 2021

There is STILL 'Good!'

We have stations...even books being written on how bad life is.  And it is BIG BUSINESS!!  However, there is more 'good' going on in life each day!  Try to find someone to report on THAT!

There is 'good' that's yet abundant
and happening each day.
In spite of what we may hear or see,
God purposes His Way.
Most often, does it take place in
a way we notice not,
until later on it hits us: we were
in that very spot!

The Lord--He works inside the hearts
of them that so allow.
He even uses hearts of them,
the 'unawares,' somehow!
His ways are so above our own
that we can fathom not;
just fortunate we be that we,
a glimpse of such, have got!

Yes, there IS good--in spite of
news...reports...or what you hear!
And, if you focus on it, He
will make it very clear!
And make it so enjoyable
here in the days that are.
Yea, seek the 'good' that He provides,
it's never very far!

Yes, there is good, and it is rampant!  There are some, however, that spend all the precious time God gives them trying to find what's wrong!  DON'T BE LIKE THEM!  Pray for them!  They need the 'good' in the days that are just as much as you do!


Friday, March 19, 2021

Against the Grain!

That's what kind of life we must live if we are to be victorious...and NOT the kind of 'victory' that this world advocates, the kind that comes from Christ alone!

The issues of the present day--
so constant the events;
occurrences be everywhere
that make the conscience wince!
If that's not bad enough, the airwaves
amplify the same!
Before we know it, that 'minor' thing,
it be a 'major' claim!

But such, it does not have to be--
ONE has the perfect way
to handle EVERY issue that
arises in our day!
And the sooner that we turn to Him,
casting all our care,
that 'minor' issue will remain such,
and we will get somewhere!
For God the Father, able to 
make sense of all and all,
He has us in His loving palm
as we obey His call!
And though 'life' happens and continues
at unstable pace,
victorious shall we remain
due His abundant grace!

Submission.  A word few people want to hear, but it is something that we must do constantly before Him if we want such victory in our lives.  It requires letting go of '!' and heeding to Holy Spirit's voice.
Can WE do that?


Thursday, March 18, 2021

It Is Certain!

There are certain facts and guarantees that were settled before time began.  They yet remain in place, no matter how we may feel OR think...

Victory is certain,
regardless how we 'feel!'
There are assurances from God
that NOTHING may repeal!
This life may have its way with us
within, without and such,
but not a thing that's known to man
will hinder Jesus' touch!

We do as much as we can do,
we give to it our best;
but even then, it may 'appear'
that we have failed the test!
BUT GOD, He is above those feelings,
(though He does relate,)
and He supplies that which we need
to surely celebrate!

Not every day would 'life' appear
so smooth and glorious.
all may get to us!
But undergirding ALL of life
is victory in Christ!
Regardless what arises, He's
already sacrificed!

God has gone through it all before...FOR US!  That is why He assures us that we can go to him with and for ANYTHING!  He knows!  And His complete knowledge of us is what causes that 'peace that passes all...' as we go through this puzzle called "Life!"


Monday, March 15, 2021

THAT time...whenever!

Ahhh...that's over with.  And now, an opportunity to spend time with my Father, time that escaped me this morning...

Away to north, the sights aglow
as sun begins to fade.
I take it in with joy as I know
that the day is made!
So very much accomplished,
victorious, as well;
all because He led my steps
and what to do and tell!
And now that labor's over for
the day, I look around,
taking in His grand creations--
oh, they so abound!
And He converses with me as
each one of them be found:
the budding forests...singing birds...
and ever-rolling hills--
appreciation of His touch
but all of it instills!
And our conversation in
the middle of it all!
I am so very happy that
I answered to His Call!
He blesses, He encourages
and provides so many sights
in which the heart-pen of this man
so endlessly delights!

Late afternoon.  Relaxing out on the deck.  There is so much to see and hear as I scan the landscape that He created!  So much to look at...and so much to hear as He converses with me about the day.  What a wonderful way to relax!


Sunday, March 14, 2021


In the day and age we reside in, 'kindness' is so 'unexpected.'  It is, however, one of the easiest and least costly gifts that we can give!  Look about you, will 'kindness' make a difference to anyone YOU know?

Each day is a blessing,
each moment be a gift.
Find a way, somehow, somebody
else's life to lift!
It's far more simple than it sounds,
and it goes so very far;
and God, He will use such to help
establish 'who you are.'
Especially in the days that are,
the times that we are in.
Hope and expectation seem
to wear so very thin.
But life--it is resilient and,
in EVERY man, be 'good!'
What a difference 'life' would be
if, practice such, we would!

So set aside all 'politics'
and 'labels' that divide.
There be no 'partly lines' in Heaven,
or issues that deride!
Omit those harsh emotions that
so constantly entice,
and practice 'good' throughout your day--
it's a present, o so nice!

Yes, the days and times that are certainly be not conducive to kindness, but it is highly sought after and easily distributed.  Think about it!


Friday, March 12, 2021

The Fortunate Few

I have been on this earth for over 60 years.  All my life, I have heard others complain about their jobs and down-talk their employer.  I can't do that.  The company I work for took a chance on me and continues to support me...even though my computer crashes now and then!

While others scrape and scramble doing
all that they can do,
I did what was required and more,
and bid the site 'adieu!'
So wonderful, the satisfaction
as I finally rest
knowing THEY are satisfied
and I have done my best.
So many that I know show up
and 'just put in their time;'
only there for compensation--
so becomes the paradigm!
There is so much more to 'labor' than
some money now and then;
a sense of 'accomplishment' is known
by the most learned men!

If you are doing what you do
to only earn the dime,
then, surely, you are missing much,
and merely biding time!
There is so much more to 'labor' than
a compensating check;
if that's ALL you're receiving, you
need a reality check!

You never know how good you have something until someone or something tells you that you can have it no longer.  The same applies to 'work.'  Years ago, I applied at over 60 places of business before McDonald's saw something in me that others did not.  They took a chance on 'damaged goods,' and the rest is history!  And the 'compensation' I receive each day I am able to work can probably be attained nowhere else.


Thursday, March 11, 2021


Sometimes, the day will cause us to cry out those words.  Of course, God will respond to that, but what if that place you are trying to escape from is the very place He wants you to be to learn something?  We must discern the difference, and Holy Spirit enables us to.

In a certain place and doing
all that I can do...
Sometimes, I want to say to God
"Lord, if You only knew...!"
Things go on that shouldn't be...
people treat us wrong...
setbacks and delays occur...
it's right where we belong!

'Wanting to escape where life
can touch us not at all.'
But with an attitude like this,
wherein lies God's call?
We have to be involved in life
whatever it contains
if we are at all going to 
contribute to HIS gains!

Can one say "If You only knew..."
to Him Who knows all things?
Of course, but very little
satisfaction it so brings!
Satisfaction only comes from going 
through it by His side!
For He will see us through this that
His victory may abide!

Each and all of us have these days.  Some of us more often than others.  But there is no limit to His grace, and He responds each time we call on Him. 
You are not alone.
I am not alone.
WE are not alone!
Don't try to be a 'Lone Ranger' in the days that are.  You will surely be overrun by a life that is only looking out for itself!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Affecting Others

The busy world gets busier.  Yes, I know that there is a pandemic going on, but that has only slowed down a few folks.  (Granted, this one has affected more than you and I have seen in our lifetime!)  However, for a lot of us, it is 'business as usual' as we go from day to day.
How will YOU be remembered by others at the end of this day?

Personalities and people--

we encounter every day.
None be alike...all be the same--
what parable to convey!
All want the same--but differently,
all need the same--and not;
and by the grace of God alone
the day be rightly wrought.
But so would be HIS great design
as, through this life, we go.
His Own shall be identified
by the fruits we show.
The same, they shall attract the rest
that they may know Him, too!
For all is possible as WE 
do as we're led to do!

Personalities and people--for
they clash but every day.
More often, though, they assist each other
on The Narrow Way.
For I need you...and you need me...
He is the glue between us all,
and the cause that life is for!

Yes, ANYWHERE we go today we are going to interact with people.  Others are going to interact with us.  However, in US so doing, they may also encounter Jesus!  Such is the reason He called ordained and chose especially YOU!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Another Daily Day

Morning came and went.  It was glorious!  Now, however, labor and challenges face us.  Where we go from this point determines how our day will end.  Do you know how your going to face the day?

The tasks at hand--they be sufficient
for this precious day.
Whatever they avail, they're not
too great upon the way.
For God knows everything that is
and all that we can do,
and He makes sure it's not too great
for us to make it through.
For whatever part of day you're in,
He so appoints a place
for us to retreat to Him--
WHATEVER we would face!
He knows the ups and downs that are,
He knows the highs and lows,
but He makes sure that, with defeat,
we never come to blows!

Just knowing of His presence and 
awareness of the day
so causes peace to settle in
that we may face the fray.
And even overcome the same--
His victory ensured!
Press on to that appointed you,
and stand upon His Word!

Blessed assurance.  It is more than 'just a song,' it is a daily way of living that produces a brand of victory that comes from God alone!  Rest in His assurance as YOU press on and, somehow, God will be glorified...whatever your day contains!


Monday, March 8, 2021

Days Like These

God is so good!  However, there are days that literally try to 'suck the life' out of us.  God is still good then, and the mercy and grace that He has will see us through even THOSE days...

"'COME QUICKLY!'  Oh, the cry to be
of hearts that know You true!
So weary of the world's ways
and what the wicked do!
I know that we belong to You,
and Your ways are above,
and we are to press on, displaying
mercy, grace and love;
but God, at times, the wear sets in
and we so long for You
to sound the Trumpet that we may
depart to that anew--
that newness that You have prepared
before was ever time;
life to be forever there,
so perfect and so prime!

Ah, Lord God, to contemplate such
after days like these
is so refreshing, so rewarding,
it fills the heart with ease!
And Your Presence with me as
I unwind from the day,
watching signs of Spring and hearing
all You have to say!"

Yes, days like this.  God told us that there would be some, too many at times, but His grace suffices, His mercy girds, and His undying love surrounds us!  Take IT all in, and release to Him that which we cannot control!

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Keep Us Vigilant!

Comfortable.  At peace.  Life running smoothly.  It's wonderful...but it can also be detrimental to us in some ways.  Because of this, God often causes 'life' to happen in such a way that will cause us to continue to grow.

"Turn the tables, o my Lord,
on all that we have known.
That which we've grown accustomed to
may need be overthrown!
The ways of comfort that we know,
they may not be YOUR ways.
Lord, we avail our hearts to change,
thus garnering Your praise.
Too often, Jesus, do we go
about our daily day
doing all that we can do
in whatsoever way.
BUT LORD, it be more necessary
to be led by You
and serve Yourself and others in
a way that blesses, too!

Yea, turn the tables on ourselves
to glorify You so;
though it may be well against
what we so deeply know!
But THIS we know: we are the better
following YOUR lead.
Jesus, Jesus, unto YOUR ways,
o may we ever heed!"

That same Bible that is in our hands is the same one we open up day after day...  But then, again, it's not!  IT'S ALIVE!  New every morning!  That's why it's "The LIVING Word!"  Take of the Life each time you open His Word...lest we become complacent.

Saturday, March 6, 2021


Aaahh....finally done with the day.  (With labors, at least!)  And now, that precious time of reward that He grants unto them that are called 'His Own...'

The comforting, hypnotic sweet sound
of the mourning doves
emanates now from the trees--
a sound this writer loves!
So perfect in the afternoon
my Father to create;
it is the perfect soundtrack as
the acres celebrate!
The budding trees reach out with that
with which He does adorn,
no longer barren from the winter,
and, gone, what fall has shorn;
but full of life and what is living
flying here-and-there:
birds of every kind and squirrels
almost everywhere!

The glory and the beauty of
the sun 'midst hints of Spring!
How many are the forms of life
that, unto Him, would sing?
As many as the wary eye
would make time to take in!
So blessed that 'life' is 'where we are'
and not just 'where we've been!'

Live in the moment.  Attempt to make lasting memories of all the glory that is...and draw from such in times of challenge!  Of a truth, such times will be.  For such is part of HIS perfect balance set in order before was time itself!


Friday, March 5, 2021

He uses one and all

What is YOUR availability?  Regardless who you are, God has equipped you with a certain skill to put to use for His glory!  Have YOU discovered that yet?

A ready pencil in the hand
of Him Who is complete
to capture verse that ministers
and makes the man complete!
So many are the needs that are
but everywhere around;
Ah, but in one single One
is all solution found!
For God--He is the Alpha, the
Omega and the Source
of all that life could ever need;
Himself, alone, a Force!
And such as I: available
but for His every cause
with word, with touch, with anything
that garners HIM applause!
So here am I, yet once again
to glorify His Name;
to minister...
but all for HIS acclaim!
These words, for even they are His,
on loan that I might reach;
avail yourself to him 'however'
would I so beseech!

"It is finished."  While, at the same time, God's work is never done.  Each one of us is needed somewhere some time if we avail ourselves.  
Are YOU that open to His use and His moving?


Wednesday, March 3, 2021


There is so much going on in this life these days!  Each of us has something to do, but do we do it with honesty and integrity, or do we fly through it trying to get as much done as possible...regardless how it looks?

"Because I gave to you my word...
I said I'd get it done...
I signed the contract, but MY WORD--
THAT pact is number one!
I know that, in the days that are,
'my word' doesn't mean too much;
but, ESPECIALLY in the times that are,
the same should not be such!

Integrity--it yet should be
in EVERYTHING we do!
Even with no one else in sight,
the same, it should be true!
So many are the ways this world's
'advanced' up to this day,
but HONOR is yet one thing that
remains one only way!
But it is not embraced by all,
as everybody knows,
therefore, the list of crimes and 
wickedness, it grows and grows!
BUT GOD has yet a handful that
adhere yet to His ways,
and refreshing so it is to meet them
in these latter days!
And doing business with them, it is
such a blessing, too!
Are YOU upon that list of folks
that work with honor due?"

A blessing you are indeed if you are on that list!  Too many are there and too much goes on in this life that folks care nothing about...especially if it regards their fellow man.  God is keeping track of it all, and He ALWAYS provides a way of escape or a way to get something done with integrity.  Keep seeking Him and His way!


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Ready Writer

As this writer approaches the 10,000 mark in messages and articles written, he ponders why The God of all creation chose him to be the one of His writers...

Sentences assembled...
how will they make sense?
Will they describe the scenery
or bring up incidents?
Will they express emotion so
directed to another?
Will they exalt or reprimand
a sister or a brother?

Sentences assembled
by a guided pen.
Directed by a mighty God
to bless all fellow men
with verses meant to edify
and words that will inspire;
inside the ready pen He puts
a never-ending fire!

Just 'sentences assembled?'
But 'messages' for His using!
If not exalting Him, they highlight
His works--so amusing!
So fortunate, the one that holds
the pen that has such skill!
Humble, though, will he remain
to stay inside His will!

A very blessed and fortunate man I am to be able to represent THE MAKER OF ALL THINGS with pen and paper!  A very grateful man, as well, to be read and appreciated by so many around the world!  But let us NEVER forget: IT'S ALL GOD!


Monday, March 1, 2021

Setting ALL aside!

Distractions.  They come in all forms and disguises.  Some of them may even be 'good' things that are applauded by many.  However, if we let them, distractions they can become.  That is why it is imperative that we shut out the world when we go to spend time with our Lord and Savior!

Escaping to a secret place
to be with God once more.
It is a necessary place
He's made provision for!
There be so much that's known as 'life'
that hinders this retreat;
for we must tune all out that we
may be with Him complete!
For it takes effort on our part
to savor time so great.
People...issues of the day...
even 'scenery' must wait!
To get the most out of His time
from all must we refrain;
the optimum of fellowship,
but only then, to gain!

Here, in the secret Place where only
He and I attend--
for it is the epitome
of being friend with Friend!
Find that place inside YOUR day
and let no thing detract.
There, you will find that He will meet
your heart and soul exact!

Yes, this world is replete with good and bad that would attempt to sway you from your time of devotion.  Let it not!  Whatever it is, it can wait until Jesus and you have had time to spend together.  Trust me!