Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Yes, He did it again!!

Here we are in the midst of a pandemic.  Here we are in low temperatures that are shattering records.  Here we are, struggling to make ends meet.  And here we are, watching God move in ways like never before!  Have YOU seen Him?

Though situations challenge, Lord,
one thing is sure: YOU ARE!!
Events be happening we thought
would ALWAYS be afar!
That which Your Word assured us would be
in the final days
is happening before our eyes
in oh so many ways!
BUT GOD, we're also witnessing
a move like nothing ever!
Folks are reaching past what
generations tried to sever!
In boldness, men are giving to
those whom our fathers spurned;
'scourges' being slowly broken...
have we finally learned?!

So many miracles occurring
without being 'seen...'
people talking...people feeding...
oh God, what does it mean?
The media shows very little
of the 'good' that's done;
it's happening, though, to the glory
of Your Perfect Son!
O let me be part of it, Lord,
lead me in what to do.
I will make sure the glory and
the praise goes unto You!
Use more and more of each of us
as we now yield our all
unto the use of Holy Ghost
and that most sacred Call!

It's below zero.  There is a man driving around the city to the corner food stands.  He buys all their product so that they can go back home to stay warm.  He then takes that product to the homeless shelters and gives it away.  WHO IS THIS GUY?!?!  He is someone with a massive heart accomplishing something that no 'program' can do!  Have you seen him?

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