Thursday, February 25, 2021


I'd like to give a shout out to my guests, my owners, my managers and my employees for making my work so enjoyable.  Sometimes, however, it gets so busy that you just have to take a break from it all...

Signs of Spring--so welcome
on this glorious day!
A week ago, 16 degrees,
but it's 70 today!!
I step out into sunshine
while snow melts off the eaves
and look around amidst the trees--
I so miss those glorious leaves!
But I see buds!  So they are coming
in a couple of weeks;
in the meantime, I look at snow
yet on the distant peaks.
God and I converse as I
behold His grand creation;
always different than before--
each day a celebration!

And THIS day, I can celebrate
all day long if I want,
as I am in between assignments 
for that restaurant.
Always, it's a pleasure when
I show up at that place.
For God has shown me favor there,
and quite abundant grace!
But no matter how much pleasure be
at ANY job you take,
so very necessary be
this blessed, weekly break!

The sun, the season, and The Son--
all present at this time
providing opportunity
for rhythm and for rhyme!

Yes, very fortunate is this man to be working the hours I get at this place of employment!  Such outlook goes quite far determining how the work day will go!  It is my prayer that each of you have such a positive experience at the place you work!  I AM BLESSED!


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