Tuesday, February 23, 2021

With Friends

The older we get, the more 'advanced' we become?  Hmmm...that's what some people think.  But what has that 'advancing' done to our personal lives?

The blessings of technology--
the comfort and the curse!
It's brought much of us closer, but
'communication's' gotten worse!
We depend upon these luxuries
so very, very much;
but say, has that 'dependence'
so eliminated 'touch?'

Technology--a blessing, sure,
but not a 'substitute'
for 'visits' and 'conversing,'
they both be absolute!
And very necessary
as 'social' all are we!
NOTHING can replace the 'times'
that 'happen' as we be!

We were made for God and each other,
'things' were made for 'use.'
Substituting one for another?
We are without excuse!
Make an effort to fellowship
each one with another;
only THEN to fortify
being 'sister' and 'brother!'

Yes, all of these tech toys and gadgets that have so filled our lives have certainly helped us stay in touch with one another, but NOTHING out there can replace that one-on-one fellowship that He designed us for!  Don't miss out on the blessing of being in the presence of a friend!


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