Monday, February 15, 2021

White Wonder!

Standing by the window as morning fades, I gaze out at the vast expanse of what happened overnight to His creation...

Winter with its last 'hurrah?'
The ice hangs without care!
All other places sight may land,
the snow is laden there!
The bite contained inside the wind
is for the braver than I!
But there is much to do for one
to stay in, warm and dry.
Like capturing the vision with
a pen so others see.
I do so with my coffee and
my Savior next to me.
From this window on the hill
I gaze across the land,
describing everything I see
to Him Who has command:
horses running free make tracks
in freshly-laden snow...
hawks so gently glide on winds
that freely are to blow...
and, over there, a herd of elk,
so peacefully, to graze...
all upon the patent markings
of most winter days.
The glory, majesty and beauty
of Father God's creation
made afresh but constantly
due His imagination!
He gives to me a wondrous love
for His handiworks...
I take it in as the morning 
coffee gently perks.

Soon, I must be at a place where the coffee perks all day.  But now, in the early with Creator God, time suspends momentarily to allow me the privilege of beholding His wonder.  GOD IS SO GOOD!


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