Wednesday, February 10, 2021


Each of us go through different times in this life at all times.  There is, however, One Constant through those times: Jesus Christ our God!  Do YOU know Him?  He certainly knows you...

In times of jubilation...

in times of dire straits...
in times of horrid panic,
our God, He so relates!
Even times of that o'er which
we do not have control,
we are secure inside His arms--
He has each heart and soul!

So relegate that control to Him
and go about your day.
Regardless of the 'atmosphere,'
He still remains THE WAY!
So many are the variables
as we go out the door,
but God, He is stability,
and He will make life MORE!
Even in pandemics, storms,
disasters and the like,
He looks at all our obstacles
and tells them 'Take a hike!'
And makes for us a 'straight and narrow,'
we who are His Own,
that, everywhere we set our foot,
His victory is known!

In any and all times GOD IS,
and confidence is ours!
We can proceed with boldness by
partaking of His powers!
And we shall be a light, a port,
a kind, extended hand
to them that 'feel' without the same
but all across the land!

Boldness and security.  Two more by-products of trusting in and belonging to Jesus.  His Blood within causes such assurance...even in an insecure world!  Belong to Him today by asking Him to be your Savior.

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