Saturday, February 27, 2021

TIME for Beauty!

Wow!  What a change!  70's earlier in the week and back to the 40's today!  OUCH!! enjoy the glory of His creation, I must do so from here behind the glass...

The wind is singing beautifully
throughout the mountains now!
They make the trees to dance about
and clear the air somehow.
Breezes, whispers and small gusts
to carry birds with ease,
even though such wonder carries
with it wretched freeze!

So, behind the glass, I watch
the precious time unfold.
How many are God's wonders out there
that cannot be told?!
They must be seen, undergone
and lived by anyone:
a one-on-one experience
that surely must be done!
And it can be done ANYWHERE
by anyone at all!
It only takes a willingness
responding to His call!
And then it takes a discipline
to recognize His touch...
the evidences of His wonders
are out there very much!!

Time.  It requires us to sacrifice 'time' to set all else aside and focus on His wondrous creation.  Surely, it is ever before our eyes, but we must stop and recognize it to grasp it fully!


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