Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Servant's Heart

"There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed..."
"That which is done in secret shall be proclaimed from the rooftops..."
The eyes of God see all, and unless one repents and asks for forgiveness, there will be consequences.  Therein lies the beauty of what Jesus Christ accomplished: MERCY!  

"You see the crimes that I have done,
yet You forgive them, every one
when I bow, Lord, and call Your Name,
and ask forgiveness for such shame.
'As far as east is from the west...'
You cast my sin when I've confessed!
And Your grace--but has it any bounds?!
Again, Your mercy so surrounds!

BUT GOD, so many do not know!
They scoff Your Name, and on they go
continuing their errant ways...
so You have said would be the days.
What could this man do with this pen
that might affect the hearts of men
that they would change and turn to You?
Repentance--so long overdue!
So here am I, Your servant, Lord.
You've given me a sounding board
that reaches neighbors...countries...states...
oh, give me verse that so relates!
You know the heart of EVERY man.
You know the past...You know the plan.
Be seen and heard in such as we
to cause ALL men, for You, to be!

Do the sins and failures of others repulse you and cause you to say to yourself "I'm glad I'm not like THAT..."  Or do their shortcomings cause you to cry out to God to change their hearts?  The answer to that question is a distinct sign of whether or not you have a servant's heart.

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