Sunday, February 7, 2021

The REAL 'Super!'

Sunday morning.  "Super Bowl Sunday."  I know folks who will drop EVERYTHING to make sure they have all they need for that game later on.  Unfortunately, some will even avoid His House...

Anticipating later, they
call this a "Super Day?"
But Super is each day to be
when you are of The Way!
No 'game,' no 'series,' no 'event'
to match the Presence of
the Son of God, God the Son,
the only King of Love!!

So many celebrations,
preparations and the like;
countless millions spent on this day
just before the "Hike!"
Oh, but long before that happens, there
is worship to be done
to God the Father, Holy Spirit,
Jesus Christ the Son!

Yes, EVERY day with God is 'super;'
abundance flows from Him!
Allow His moving in your life
and it will never dim!
His light--may it so shine in you
that others be so drawn;
that, regardless of the game, the 'super'
never will be gone!!

I look forward to watching that game just as much as the next guy, but it is far more important to make sure I spend time with God, His Word and His people before I do!  And if that means I miss part of The Game, so be it.

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