Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Fortunate!

Here we go again...we have to get up, go to work, put in the hours required of us and then return...just like yesterday.  Wait a minute.  Let's look at this another way: here we go again...we GET TO go to work, we GET TO put time in and witness what God WILL accomplish THROUGH us!  (And get paid to do so!!)

Every day is different...and yet
each day is the same.
With every passing hour, there be
something new to claim!
The Lord provides stability
and a 'steady' through it all,
(so reliable and without price,)
unto His faithful all!
No matter what the day contains
it is already known,
and settled be whatever rises
to affect His Own!
His love, it is so very great
that we are not without,
and His care for such a we--
it is beyond all doubt!

Yes, the 'every day' is different
but we remain secure;
and He assures that we enjoy
as long as we endure!
His care has no comparison...
His love, it has no peer;
and life--it is victorious
but all throughout the year!

How blessed and fortunate be them that are able to look at life that way.  Too many are denied the opportunity, or are unable to 'work' anymore due no fault of their own!  ENJOY the job you have!  It makes the job so much easier, and the time will fly by!


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