Saturday, February 13, 2021


Back out into the daily everyday.  God alone knows all that we will go through.  We, however, can choose the way we react to it.  And believe me, the world is watching!

When 'people' ever get to you,

know that you're not alone.
Especially this day and age
when stress is greatly known!
Such was the same in Jesus' day
so very long ago--
just look how many 'learned' men
caused Him such grief and woe!

For in the day and age when life
would echo "ME!  ME!  ME!"
the truest of the heart becomes
so very clear to see.
and it's THAT heart we're called to
minister to and reach.
For God can turn the same around,
transform it, love it, teach.

Yes, people,' they WILL get to you,
it's just a question "when?'
We're called to be His eyes and ears,
but, greater, His heart then.
For only as we live His life
before their very eyes
will we, our progress and advancing,
truly realize.

People--made by God Himself,
are constantly about.
Without each other, though, what riches
we would be without!!
Yes, we ALL be irritants
at one time or another;
but wealthy be each one of us
to call each other 'brother!'

I have heard before, (even from pulpits,) "People--can't live with them...can't live without them!"  A true statement, indeed, but that person that irritated you so badly at work today may be the one that blesses you the most next week!  Be careful to treat one another as you would like to be treated.  I promise you, you will be the better for it!

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