Sunday, February 21, 2021


Called in to the wilderness?  Asked to abstain from something for a time?  Being deprived of something you love for a time?  There are many ways to look at this time.  Some observe it.  Others ignore it.  But good things come from it!

In seasons all our duties are

because of all You've done.
Lord, You've ordained this season now
the one and only one.
Each of us has duties, works
that we're accustomed to,
but we are not called to 'comfort'
or that which we're used to!
It is a season annually
for us to be 'without.'
A season of restraint it is,
and for the most devout;
the easy way is to press on
'...the way we've always done,'
the sovereign way is challenging,
and may be less than 'fun!'

But God is ALWAYS present in
the desert, in the new.
He's The director and assistant
in all that we do!
We do so as our 'everyday'
is challenged for a time
in dedication to our God--
His every way sublime!

The season of Lent.  A time to do without.  Not everyone adheres to it.  Some say Jesus did away with it.  But it does have its benefits.  Seek the Lord Your God to see if there is something specific that He desires of you during this time.

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