Monday, February 22, 2021


So would be the cry of the world to any and all that are in it!  No matter how fast you go, it never seems like enough to some!  However, if you belong to The Lord, He can escort you through the duties of the day in such a way that won't be as 'desperate' as the world wants it!

So very much is going on--
to be...
so much competes for the attention
and time of such as we!
I do not have to give that list,
we hear of it each day!
But one single thing to supersede
ALL things along the way:
Time and attention to our Lord--
His Presence and His voice!
Time with His Holiness, for it
is time most very choice!
Looking deep into His eyes
and feeling His strong hands
so generates assurance that
'He loves and understands!'
The eyes of Jesus Christ my Lord
express so very much...
His words--they are life-changing, and
so perfect be His touch!
He knows so very much about me,
in fact, EVEYTHING!
He knows all things that I must do
and He knows what to bring!

Yes, so very much is going on
inside YOUR life, as well!
He has ALL things that you require,
but He will not compel.
For you must call upon His Name
and He will be right there
constantly--all situations--
even anywhere!

Jesus Christ the Lord.  Knower of all things...giver of all that is good...and the ONLY One to help us through the times and days that are!  Know Him as your Savior today, won't you?

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