Friday, February 5, 2021

Hard Times

We live in a world of abundance!  At the same time, we live in such a polarized society, one that causes us to judge one another before we act.  What a painful place!

My brother has a pressing need,
a need that most avoid;
all he wants is food, but 'friends'
are getting so annoyed!
I do not not know who this man is,
but I can meet his need--
will I join those 'friends' or will
I go and intercede?

There are folks around us every day,
they hunger and they thirst.
The pain of haven't eating, though,
it is among the worst!
And there is no excuse for it,
as so blessed WE have been!
Ignoring that man's hunger--for it
be an outright sin!

That person, they are hungry! --
don't ask why or what or how!
Take them some food.  Take them somewhere
to meet that need and NOW!
If we do so to 'to the least of these,'
we do so unto God!
May no one see your efforts, that
Christ's Name would they applaud!

We see 'them' more and more often these days.  Someone at an intersection or on a corner with a sign.  Are you going to respond with your heart or with your finger?  I have seen the latter too often!  It doesn't take much to change a person's entire trajectory.  Who knows, that may be Jesus holding that sign just to see what we will do.


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