Sunday, February 28, 2021

"Good Morning, Lord!"

Wherever you may be, there is cause to look out across the dawn and give God glory!  He made this new day, and the world we live in.  Don't forget to thank Him for it!

"Good morning, God Most High!  What an
amazing day You've made!
The brilliance of the sunshine,
casting shadows...making shade...
illuminating Your creations--
what a visual treat!
winter's colors set aglow--
distraction, oh so sweet!

O walk with me for just a bit
today as I begin.
I want to see what You have done,
I must do this with You before
the things You have in store;
whatever this day has may contain,
with You, it will be more!

Thank You, Jesus, for Your time,
the breeze and Your creation!
As life develops, You deserve
but ALL life's celebration!
I see it, hear it and I join
in wondrous accolade
of the bright and beautiful
creation You have made!!"

Yes...I am so grateful for the wonder and the glory that He sets before this man's eyes.  None other could create it, and He deserves all the praise for it!  Every morning different.  Every morning new.  That's my Creator God!


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