Monday, February 8, 2021


In a world where every person experiences something different at all times, (though we all go through it!) it is so wonderful to have a stabilizing Force that never leaves us or forsakes us!  Where would we be without Him?!

We are favored by a God Who has
all life within His hand.
He orders times and seasons and
He decorates the land!
He joys about us with His love
and orders steps, our all;
yet each day, into a worldly world,
we answer to a call..

Events...occurrences...they come
at times that aren't exact.
What defines one is the way
that one would so react.
But knowing God is in control
assists in such a way:
He has an understanding that
no other can convey.

Happenings occur but every
day in every life.
The same can cause the gamut, from
jubilation down to strife!
BUT GOD, He is The Stabilizer
as the days go by,
perfectly providing until
we meet Him in the sky!

God's favor.  He is The One who causes us to excel.  He heals us...blesses us...and loves us like no other father can!  No matter what we are going through, HE KNOWS, and our victory is assured.

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