Thursday, February 18, 2021

Daily Break

Finally, a moment from the day to relax, breathe and look around.  And, oh, is there plenty to look around at...

The brilliance of the sun upon
the freshly-fallen snow.
Three more inches overnight
are wondrously aglow!
It glistens on the branches, roofs
and everywhere you see,
and so stirs up the well of words
so deep inside of me!
Everywhere you look it's white
with glorious radiance!
Even the blue above displays
much hue and gradients
enjoyed so briefly at a time,
due the extremities,
as, oh so very low to be
the air-temp in degrees!

Savor so the glory of
the 'winter at its worst.'
Even though the frigid white,
by many, be so cursed,
it's part of 'life so beautiful'
provided by His hand.
Amazing--the variety
He makes across the land!

It's NEVER 'same old, same old, day in and day out' when you look at life and realize that each day is a gift from God!  Yes, some of this weather is dangerous and deadly, but it would be dreadfully boring in this place if every day were the same!  Be grateful for LIFE!


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