Thursday, February 4, 2021

Colorful Evening

Day is done.  We sit out on the back deck and watch Almighty God's very hand create the glory of evening...

How many are the colors as
the sun just disappears?
It steels the writer for as long
as fitting verse appears!
Once again, Creator God,
(with palette firm in hand,)
creating scenes that the most learned
cannot understand!

But clearly understood be glory
for to grip the heart!
For day is done--deeds and duties,
did they all depart;
late afternoon and early evening
have so much to give,
and that which they create assist
our God to help us live!

So many are the shades of vesper--
every moment change!
It is impossible for man
to, the spectrum, range!
And such be offered differently
with gift of each new day.
See to it gratitude go to
The Truth, The Life, The Way!

The colors of the evening sky
have wisest asking " and why?"
The fortunate, though, savor such
from God the Father's lavish touch!!

Yes, Creator God creating...even as some of us are unwinding.  For some of us, it is His glorious creation that aids that sweet process.  Pay close attention to that which He creates before YOUR very eyes!


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