Friday, February 19, 2021


In the days that are, 'Church' has become different things than we are accustomed to.  So are the times that be.  But let those times not hinder that precious fellowship that Jesus wants to have with you!

His House--the loving House of God--
that living tributary!
For oh so many in this life
it be great sanctuary!
For the very fortunate,
a refuge from the week;
a healing Place, a strengthening,
a shelter for the weak!
And, for the 'grounded' that are His,
it's all of the above!
Where we oft return to fete
the ONLY King of Love!
We give to Him, we learn from Him,
we praise His mighty Name!
We fellowship one with another
as, His grace, we claim!

How sacred is the House of God
each time we enter in!
To feel the Holy Spirit there--
what great way to begin!
To open up The Living Word
and hear His servant preach!
The very best of each of us
the Father would beseech!

More than a 'filling station...'
more than a 'revelation...'
far more than 'conversation...'
it's a NECESSARY relation!!

Yes, the House of God.  Most of the time, it is a 'building' somewhere that we drive to.  Of late, that sacred Sunday Sanctuary has had to be right here in our living room!  BUT GOD IS IN ATTENDANCE, and He meets us wherever we are just to be with us!  'Behold, what manner of love The Father has given unto us!!'


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