Saturday, February 6, 2021


Day in and day out, if we pay attention, there are 'opportunities' for God to work through us.  Of late, Holy Spirit has made me more keenly aware of this, and it is ALWAYS quite rewarding!  One of the days' cries is 'whose life matters.'  Call me an oddball, but that has never been an issue to THIS man.  What's wrong with me??

We hear of 'whose lives matter' 
but each and every day;
the media reminds us such
in word and on display;
even our favorite 'celebrities'
look straight into our eyes
and make certain that "such" and "such"
we truly realize!

But in the sight of God Most High,
ALL life to matter there!
We are to live, love and respect,
without bias, everywhere!
It makes no difference what we've done,
or the color of our skin,
The God that made each one of us,
His sight we're always in!
And we are in each other's world--
the one that HE created;
and each of us, no matter whom,
are to be celebrated!
I am no better than another
color, class, sex or creed.

And a greater understanding of
this truth we surely need!
We need such oh so desperately,
and God, He has The Way
to teach us such in fashion so
we understand the day!
His class is open.  Enter in.
Bring in your heart and mind.
In THERE, such great solutions and
true breakthroughs, will we find!

Yes, ALL of life to matter!  And
those lives, they are in need.
And You and I, with Christ within,
can surely intercede!
It only takes a smile, a greeting
and, always, it takes time.
Make sure you are prepared for such
if YOUR walk shall be prime!

Again today, I got into a situation, (or God got me into a situation,) that required a monetary sacrifice.  I had no idea who the guy was...but that did not matter.  He had a need, and I was able to meet that need.  I know that I know that however much that encounter cost me God will restore to me, so I did not think twice.  The person got his food.  Got received the glory.  And I have the amazing satisfaction of KNOWING that life went right for that man today.
Again, GOD IS SO matter what his belief or color is!

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