Friday, February 12, 2021

Absolutely Pricelesss

Father God.  Everything we ever need and when!  And all He asks in return is our love and devotion!  What a small price for us to pay for something that is absolutely priceless!!

"O God, You are so very good,
so very good indeed!
Before we are aware, You have
solution to each need!
Before I even ask, O Lord,
already You provide!
Your love, oh Lord, for such as we,
it cannot be denied!

Oh God, there be no other, yea,
no other be as good.
You care for us far greater than
an earthly father could!
My daddy, though a hero and
a close friend in my eyes,
he did all that he could to love,
provide, care and advise.
But YOU, oh God, but You continue
to look after us;
even when we disappoint,
we trouble or we fuss,
continue Ye to love and care
for ALL who call Your Name!
Oh God, we are so fortunate
that Jesus Christ, He came!

Yes, God, You are so very good,
and there is none like You!
You are so good, You are so great,
and NEVER out of view!
For You are so involved in
everything that we go through!
O God, there's not a 'father' that
is greater so than You!"

FATHER God.  Father to the poor...Father to the rich...Father to the famous...Father to the unknown, Father to the _________!  THAT is God the Father, and He longs to Father YOU!  Let him, my friend.  It will be the best choice you have EVER made!


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