Monday, January 11, 2021

Word of Beauty!

So is the Word of God to those of us who do our best to live by it!  By IT?  No, no, HIM!

"Oh Word of God, so guiding,
oh Word of God so wise,
You partner with me as I talk
to Him beyond the skies
revealing unto me the Power,
revealing to me the Awe,
revealing, once again, His care
and upholding His Great Law!

Parting living pages now
so early in the day,
I am afforded yet again
what is the perfect way
to live the life before me,
to face what's yet to be;
assurances and what to do
with issues I will see!

So living is the Law of Love:
There is a truth on which to stand
with each verse to arrive!
'COME QUICKLY!'  oh so often cry
those pages so ordained!
So fortunate be such as we
those Pages have remained!

Oh Word of God, so beautiful,
my fortress and retreat!
Before the day is manufactured,
You make me so complete!"

LIFE.  That is what God's Word is to me, and life abundant!  Partake of Him each day, especially considering the days that we are in!  He is just as relevant right now as He has forever been!


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