Friday, January 22, 2021

Who are We?

Who are we?  Many of us find ourselves asking such as we behold the day's current events. 'feelings' be affected!  We must GENUINELY ask ourselves

Who are we?
Such to come to mind as I 
behold events unfold.
But why is one at all surprised?
As, for years, we've been told!
The Word of God had laid this out
while we've cried "NOT THIS LAND!!"
while networks without end bear witness
of the same first-hand!

Is this because the heart of man
is evil to the core?
Is this because I'm glued unto
that TV more and more?
Is this because His prophecies,
before our eyes, unfold?
Is this because "The Day is coming..."
for years we have been told?

No!  It's because we've said 'No!' to God,
and 'yes' to OUR desires!
I must deny MYSELF at last
and help put out these fires!
Especially that fire that has,
so freely, spread within,
rebelling at that which is 'good'
and answering to sin!

'Forgive us Lord.  Forgive ME, Lord,
for chasing my own way!
Help me consult You ALWAYS before
reckoning my day!
It may not be the day I 'want,'
but You know what is best.
O guide my heart, my thought, my word
and I KNOW I'll be blessed!"

"The way things are."  Some have accepted such for so long that it has become a way of life.  BUT THERE IS MORE!  THERE IS BETTER!  And it can only be obtained as we set ourselves aside, put God first, others second, and ourselves last.  That may fly in the face of a majority of 'philosophies,' but it is the way God wants it!

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